IS Design Group has a perspective view on reality: the purpose is to realize design projects and strategies not only valid in the present, but meant to last in time.
All this is being carried on with the typical sensitivity of Italian design, which always succeed to combine creativity with effective communication.
All the realities within IS Design Group have a common approach to projects: the design of image, spaces, products, experiences and tools of communication is always lead by a deep consideration on identity.


  • advertising
  • architecture
  • art direction
  • augmented reality
  • branding
  • communication
  • events
  • exhibit
  • fashion
  • interior design
  • luxury design and events
  • market research
  • marketing
  • packaging
  • product design
  • public relations
  • rebranding
  • social media marketing
  • universal design
  • visual design
  • web and app design